Syllogisms Reasoning MCQ Questions – 05

Question 1
Statements : Some keys are staplers. Some staplers are stickers. All the stickers are pens.

Conclusions :
I. Some pens are staplers.
II. Some stickers are keys.
III. No sticker is key.
IV. Some staplers are keys.

Question 2
Statements : All the books are pencils. No pencil is eraser.

Conclusions :
I. All the pencils are books.
II. Some erasers are books.
III. No book is eraser.
IV. Some books are erasers.

Question 3
Statements : Some questions are answers. Some answers are writers. All the writers are poets.

Conclusions :
I. Some writers are answers.
II. Some poets are questions.
III. All the questions are poets.
IV. Some poets are answers.

Question 4
Statements : All the papers are books. All the bags are books. Some purses are bags.

Conclusions :
I. Some papers are bags.
II. Some books are papers.
III. Some books are purses.

Question 5
Statements : Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives.

Conclusions :
I. Some envelopes are seals.
II. Some gums are adhesives.
III. Some adhesives are seals.
IV. Some adhesives are gums.

Question 6
Statements : All the research scholars are psychologists. Some psychologists are scientists.

Conclusions :
I. All the research scholars are scientists.
II. Some research scholars are scientists.
III. Some scientists are psychologists.
IV. Some psychologists are research scholars.

Question 7
Statements : Some pens are books. Some books are pencils.

Conclusions :
I. Some pens are pencils.
II. Some pencils are pens.
III. All pencils are pens.
IV. All books are pens.

Question 8
Statements : Some rats are cats. Some cats are dogs. No dog is cow.

Conclusions :
I. No cow is cat.
II. No dog is rat.
III. Some cats are rats.

Question 9
Statements : All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats.

Conclusions :
I. Some bats are locks.
II. Some watches are keys.
III. All the keys are locks.

Question 10
Statements : All the goats are tigers. All the tigers are lions.

Conclusions :
I. All the goats are lions.
II. All the lions are goats.
III. Some lions are goats.
IV. Some tigers are goats.

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