Senior Java Developer Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me about your most recent project
  3. Java 8 features
    1. Generics
    2. Lambda Function

we can pass it to or return it from a method.

  1. Functional Interface
    1. It have only one abstract method
    2. @FunctionalInterface
  1. Predicates
  2. Streams
  3. Functional Programming
  4. Optional in Java8
  5. Lambda Expression and Functional Interface: Best Practices:
  1. Method overloading
  2. Java Exception
  3. Java Multithreading
  4. Lit code example practice
  1. Difference between SOAP Vs. REST
  2. Spring Security
  3. Web Application Security
  4. Code review best practices
  5. Tools for code review
  6. Agile roles and responsibility

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