Indian Economy-GK Practice MCQ Questions – 01

Question 1
Who gave the call for Evergreen Revolution?

Question 2
Open market operation is a part of:

Question 3
What was the central theme of the Chipko Movement started by Sunderlal Bahuguna in 1973?

Question 4
Planning commission constituted a high level committee for financial sector reforms in August 2007 under the Chairmanship of:

Question 5
Who is responsible for establishing and maintaining astound and efficient accounting and financial reporting system in India?

Question 6
Aam Admi Bima Yojana was launched on:

Question 7
In India, the second largest provider of employment after agriculture is:

Question 8
The Mid Day Meal scheme was launched on

Question 9
The share of road transport in total transportation of the country is:

Question 10
In India the term Black Revolution is associated with:

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