Data Sufficiency Reasoning MCQ Questions – 09

Question 1
Question : How many girls are taller than Shravan in his class ?

Statements :
I. When students of Shravan's class are ranked in descending order of their heights, Shravan's rank is 17th from the top among all the students and 12th among boys.
II. Shravan's rank from the bottom on the basis of height among boys is 18th and among all students, 29th.

Question 2
Question : What is Suman's rank from the top in a class of forty students ?

Statements :
I. Suman is 3 ranks below Deepak from the top.
II. Deepak's rank from the bottom is 23.
III. Suman is 3 ranks above Deepak from the bottom.

Question 3
Question : Among P, Q, R, S and T, Q is the second tallest and S is immediate taller than the shortest. Who among them is in the middle when they stand in the order of their heights ?

Statements :
I. T is not the shortest.
II. R is taller than S but shorter than Q.
III. P ranks third in height above S when all are arranged in the order of height.

Question 4
Question : How is M related to N ?

Statements :
I. B is the daughter of M and sister of Q.
II. N is the son of K who is B's grandfather.

Question 5
Question : Five persons - A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a row. Who is sitting in the middle?

Statements :
I. B is between E and C.
II. B is to the right of E.
III. D is between A and E.

Question 6
Question : Who among Siddhartha, Nikunj, Vipul and Mukul is the youngest?

Statements :
I. Vipul is younger than Mukul but older than Siddhartha and Nikunj.
II. Mukul is the oldest.
III. Siddhartha is older than Nikunj.

Question 7
Question : In which year was Sanjay born ?

Statements :
I. Sanjay is six years older than Gopal.
II. Gopal's brother was born in 1982.
III. Sanjay's brother is two years younger than Gopal's brother who was eight years younger than Gopal.

Question 8
Question : In a certain code, 'XYZ' means 'We are friends'. Which letter stands for 'We' ?

Statements :
I. 'PYN' means 'They are classmates'.
II. 'ZMS' means 'We love them'.
III. 'PX' means 'Hello friends'.

Question 9
Question : How is R related to M ?

Statements :
I. M's brother is husband of P.
II. P is mother of R's sister.

Question 10
Question : How is 'DATE' written in the code language ?

Statements :
I. DEAR is written as $#@? in that code.
II. TREAT is written as %?#@% in that code.
III. TEAR is written as %#@? in that code.

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