Coding And Decoding Reasoning MCQ Questions – 08

Question 1
If BE QUICK is coded as ZC OSGAI, then the code of the last letter of the third word in the sentence I LOVE MY COUNTRY is

Question 2
In a certain language, SIGHT is written as FVTUG. How is REVEAL written in the same language?

Question 3
If in a certain code, CORPORATIONS is written as PROCTAROSNOI, then how is JUDICIAL written in that code?

Question 4
In a certain code, COMPATIBLE is written as BQNPDDKAHS. How is STABILISED written in that code?

Question 5
In a coding language, the letters of the English alphabet are arranged in such a manner that all the vowels are put in the end and the remaining letters are arranged from the first letter onwards. The rearranged alphabets are used to denote the position occupied by letters in the original alphabets. What is the code of META?

Question 6
In a certain code, KAVERI is written as VAKIRE. How is MYSORE written in that code?

Question 7
If MADRAS can be written as ARSARS, how can ARKONAM be written in that code?

Question 8
In a certain code, PLEADING is written as FMHCQMFB. How is SHOULDER written in that code?

Question 9
In a certain code language, OPERATION is written as NODQBUJPO. How is INVISIBLE written in that code?

Question 10
If CONTRIBUTE is written as ETBUIRNTOC, then which letter will be in the sixth place when counted from the left if POPULARISE is written in the same way?

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