Coding And Decoding Reasoning MCQ Questions – 01

Question 1
If SUMMER is coded RUNNER, the code for WINTER is

Question 2
If in a certain language SISTER is coded as 535301 , UNCLE is coded as 84670 and BOY as 129 , how son is coded ?

Question 3
If the KNIFE is coded as MPKHG, what do the letters DTGCF stand for ?

Question 4
If HARD is coded s 1357 and SOFT is coded as 2468, what do the figures 21448 stand for ?

Question 5
In a certain language PRACTICE is coded as PICCTRAE, how is FLAMES coded in that code ?

Question 6
In a certain code FIRE is coded as DGPC. What will be the last letter of the coded word for SHOT.

Question 7
If TOUR is written in a certain code as 1234, CLEAR as 56784 and SPARE as 90847, what will be the 5th digit for SCULPTURE in the same code ?

Question 8
If in a certain language PROSE is coded as PPOQE, how is LIGHT coded in that code ?

Question 9
If MIND becomes KGLB and ARGUE becomes YPESC, then what will DIAGRAM be in that code ?

Question 10
If the letters GBOQX stand for HAPPY , for which word the letters CROSS stand for ?

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